Discovery Channel’s Homestead Rescue Show Collab – Jan 2024

Dave and Jeremy Cruey along with a few other friends and employees appeared on Homestead Rescue on the Discovery Channel Season 11, Episode 9! This episode first aired January 28th 2024 but was filmed in January of 2023. We got the amazing opportunity to donate a 12×20 kit and our time building it on site with the Raneys. We loved meeting the like minded, hard working Raneys and help rescue some homesteaders. We were able to build this Arched Cabin Kit in 4 days including interior finish and furnishings. We look forward to the possibility of working with Homestead Rescue again in the future and always love it when the opportunity presents to help those in need! Special thanks to Marty Raney, Misty Raney and Matt Raney for thinking of us and reaching out to allow us to help! Look for the episode streaming on Discovery Plus and it’s also available for download on Apple TV and Amazon Video. Learn more about the episode and how to watch here.


New Referral Pilot Program – December 2023

At Arched Cabins LLC, we’re thrilled to offer our Arched Cabin owners the opportunity to pilot our brand-new referral program that rewards you for showcasing your Arched Cabin kit to potential buyers.

Here’s how it works:

        1.      Share and show your Arched Cabin kit with friends, family, or anyone interested in a unique and stylish living solution.
        2.      If someone who views your Arched Cabin decides to purchase a kit from Arched Cabins LLC, you’ll earn your choice of Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Amazon $200  Gift Card.
It’s a fantastic opportunity to not only share your love for your new home but also earn some extra cash while doing so!

Ready to get started? Simply show anyone interested your Arched Cabin, refer them to Arched Cabins LLC, and make sure they mention your name when they inquire about our kits. This way, we can track your referrals accurately. If you’d like to double-check whether your referral has made a purchase, feel free to email us at and our friendly team will gladly provide you with the confirmation you need.

Thank you for being a valued part of the Arched Cabins LLC community. We appreciate your support and enthusiasm for our products. If you have any questions or need assistance with the referral process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We look forward to seeing more people enjoy the beauty and practicality of our Arched Cabin kits, thanks to your help.

Season of Giving 2023 Update – Winners Received their kits February 2024

Our 2023 Season of Giving was our biggest yet! The biggest giveaway was the DREAM BIG CABIN KIT GIVEAWAY in which we had planned to give away one 24 ft x 32 ft Kit! After witnessing many peoples’ big dreams via video or written submissions and narrowing it down to 5 finalists, we decided that if Charmaine wasn’t randomly selected as the winner, then we would have to give her a kit too. We felt deeply moved by her years of service to society through her social work. So when the random drawing was over and the Grigg Family was picked, we knew what we had to do. So we gave away a total of two 24 ft x 32 ft kits. During our season of giving we also do many Freebie Fridays and gift card giveaways in our community page as well. Watch here to watch the whole giveaway story on video.

Texas Monthly Appearance – Hit News Stands November 2023

Arched Cabins LLC was showcased for our philanthropic efforts in Texas Monthly’s December Issue’s “Pay it Forward” Showcase.

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Introducing the new Arched Cabins XL – Brought to you exclusively by Arched Cabins LLC

Same Great shape, same build process, but with Extra Space, Extra Height, and Extra Strength!

We are so thrilled to announce these new models that have been developed by Dave and Jeremy Cruey to answer the needs of anyone who wanted more space in the loft/second story of their homes as well as anyone in extreme climate zones or in areas with extremely high snow load/wind rating requirements. The tubing used for the ribs is bigger and offers both extra size and strength. Especially with the 30ft wide XL models, this solves the problem of less loft height than the 24 ft wide standard models.  The overall height of the 30 XL will be 22+ feet, and the 24 ft XL will be 21+ feet tall. This is a whopping 6 feet taller than the standard 30 foot wide kit and a height increase of over 2 feet on the standard 24ft wide kit. Pricing is going live on the website this weekend and although we don’t have pictures yet, you will see the end cap dimension drawings for the XL kits as place holders until the first cabins are finished. Please call us if you have any questions, we’d love to tell you all about this exciting new product line designed and brought to you exclusively by Arched Cabins LLC!

Check out the newest article about us: “Build Your Lifestyle with DIY Kit Homes from Arched Cabins LLC” as seen on

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Arched Cabins would like to officially announce that the partnership formed between David Cruey and Joshua Cruey is being terminated. David Cruey and Joshua Cruey have each formed separate companies that will manufacture “Arched Cabins” based upon the patented original design.

Joshua Cruey formed Crue Built LLC dba Texas Arched Cabins which will manufacture and sell Arched Cabins out of Cypress, Texas. David Cruey formed Arched Cabins, LLC with his son Jeremy Cruey which will manufacture and sell Arched Cabins out of Cypress, Texas. These two entities will be owned and operated as separate, completely independent entities.

Joshua and David each wish the other continued success in their new business endeavors.

Are you ready to get started?
Are you ready to get started?