Press Release – September 1, 2023

Introducing the new Arched Cabins XL – Brought to you exclusively by Arched Cabins LLC

Same Great shape, same build process, but with Extra Space, Extra Height, and Extra Strength!

We are so thrilled to announce these new models that have been developed by Dave and Jeremy Cruey to answer the needs of anyone who wanted more space in the loft/second story of their homes as well as anyone in extreme climate zones or in areas with extremely high snow load/wind rating requirements. The tubing used for the ribs is bigger and offers both extra size and strength. Especially with the 30ft wide XL models, this solves the problem of less loft height than the 24 ft wide standard models.  The overall height of the 30 XL will be 22+ feet, and the 24 ft XL will be 21+ feet tall. This is a whopping 6 feet taller than the standard 30 foot wide kit and a height increase of over 2 feet on the standard 24ft wide kit. Pricing is going live on the website this weekend and although we don’t have pictures yet, you will see the end cap dimension drawings for the XL kits as place holders until the first cabins are finished. Please call us if you have any questions, we’d love to tell you all about this exciting new product line designed and brought to you exclusively by Arched Cabins LLC!